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iDAL Code of Conduct

This document represents our public commitment to professional model treatment.

Our platform and work ethic is founded on the principles of equality, diversity and respect towards everyone in the fashion industry with special care towards our models.

The iDAL model board has no weigh ins and/or guidelines for sizing/dictated measurements encouraging uniqueness and supporting individuality amongst our community.

Through our continuous verification process we try our best to ensure that all clients provide the right working conditions (health and safety), working hours and breaks for our models and celebrate practices against discrimination, harassment and abuse in the workplace. iDAL operates on continuously evaluating client/model feedback with the aim to quickly spot and investigate wrong behaviour with a zero tolerance policy.

The way our platform works supports individuality and empowers our models to freely decide on their own career. We currently only work with models who are 18 years old and above in an aim to ensure that all decisions are made solely by them. Our platform empowers models to freely negotiate their fees in a simplistic, revolutionary way and applies no pressure to take on jobs.

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