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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that you can find more frequently asked questions when you become a verified model or a client with us.

What is iDAL?

iDAL is professional booking platform and community for models. We provide an alternative to traditional model agencies by streamlining bookings with an advanced platform structure whilst maintaining professional services and a high standard of talent.

Why do models want to be on iDAL?

iDAL brings a safe tool to work with clients directly. On our platform, models have equal opportunities to be discovered by clients. They make their own informed decisions on job offers, negotiate their fees and receive payments, keeping track of all past, present and upcoming projects and invoices. They pay only 10% commission instead of the usual 20 - 40%, benefit from absolute financial transparency, and become a part of a community of fellow entrepreneurial models in control of their careers.

Who can be a model at iDAL?

iDAL is for entrepreneurial models - modelpreneurs. Those models who want to have full control over their careers and are business-savvy and proactive.

Our models must be over 18, have the right to work in the UK, have at least one professional portfolio image which reflects their talent, and present themselves professionally on social media. Our experienced managers verify each and every model before they appear on the iDAL talent page.

Why is booking through iDAL beneficial?

On our transparent and easy-to-use platform, clients have all the necessary tools to cast and book models all in one place, increasing their efficiency, cutting their costs, and contributing to increased transparency in the industry.

Can clients control usage rights on iDAL?

Yes, clients can opt in for desired usage when making a booking.

Will clients or models have a contract for jobs booked through iDAL?

For each booking both model and client will agree to a contract on the platform.

Why can’t I see the talent before I become a verified client?

As we are committed to safety and professionalism we only enable verified clients to view our talent.

What makes iDAL different from a model agency?

iDAL does not act on behalf of Models or Clients. We do not promote individual models over others, do not select models for clients, and do not act as gatekeepers. Instead, we provide a safe and easy way for verified Models and Clients to connect and create projects together.

Is it free to join iDAL?

It is free to join iDAL. Clients and models only pay a booking fee.

Who are the clients at iDAL?

iDAL accepts applications only from clients working in fashion, marketing and advertising industries. Every client goes through a verification process before they can view and book our talent. Today, we have clients ranging from luxury brands, to large fashion houses to upcoming designers. You can view some of our clients on our home page.

What kind of safety does iDAL provide?

At iDAL we do our best to provide a safe platform. That’s why we verify both our clients and models before either are able to access the platform. Further on every booking is governed by our Model & Client terms which both parties have to agree to before a booking can be finalised.

How much will I pay for the iDAL service?

We only charge a 10% booking fee from the client and 10% commission from the model per booking.

Why is iDAL more transparent?

At iDAL we don’t hide anything. No hidden fees, expenses, or small print in contracts. Transparent job offers, clients, rates, and commissions, all stored and easily accessible in one place.

Where can I read iDAL’s code of conduct?

Here: https://idal.co/conduct

Who founded iDAL?

Mariya Grinina, a former journalist, and Tom Gordon, a full stack engineer with experience ranging from fintech to entertainment to fashion, realised the opportunity for technology to empower a positive change in the industry and launched iDAL in 2018.

What is the iDAL Community?

By joining iDAL, models become part of our iDAL Voices community. Through iDAL Voices we organise regular events and meetings for models to connect and collaborate, raise concerns and share experiences in our online and offline spaces.

What is modelpreneurship?

Modelpreneurship is the new, progressive culture of entrepreneurial, professional modelling. A modelpreneur is a proactive and empowered model who owns his or her career by selecting clients, negotiating fees and using technology and social media efficiently.

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